10 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in WordPress

10 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in WordPress

Top 10 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in WordPress: SEO is an important thing in growing a website, by optimizing the SEO on the website and making SEO friendly articles, it will generate the blog a lot of website visitors from search engines organically. But in fact, there are some mistakes that most of WordPress beginners often make.

For those of webmasters who are starting a new blog and not so familiar using WordPress, here is a list of top 10 SEO mistakes you must have avoid in WordPress to keep your website SEO friendly. So, you have to make sure that you don’t fall into the same trap and turn your website into a dumping site.

10 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in WordPress

10 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in WordPress

Let’s explore the most common Search Engine Optimization mistakes that must be avoided in websites:

1. Not optimizing the Website URLs for SEO

The very first SEO mistake is that if your post URL doesn’t match your title and doesn’t contain targeted keywords in it. In some cases, it exceeds the maximum URL length. So, you will lose the competition in search engine rankings. Propagating a website in a traditional way can make you run out of time and it is too difficult.

But, when you use a CMS platform like WordPress, it is much easier to do so, you just need to make changes to the permalink settings. After that you can modify the URL at the bottom of the title in your post/page editor, so that the URL can match your title as well as targeted keywords.

Apart from that, WordPress also makes it easy for you to set up URL structures with SEO friendly options that are easy to read by humans and search engines. You can read how to structure your URL to make it SEO friendly and look more attractive via the link below.

  • Pro Tip: Total length of the post/page url must be less than 75 characters.

2. Not Registering Website to Google Search Console

Google Search Console for SEO

If you don’t use Google webmaster tools, also known as Google Search Console to track your website performance, you will lose all valuable traffic, keywords data that Google webmaster tools can provide.

This is a great tool to notify you whenever your website strikes with a problem, such as algorithmic penalties, DMCA notifications, etc.

Make sure to register your WordPress website with Google Search Console and link it to your website. Once synced, you can submit your website XML sitemap to tell search engines to crawl and index your website timely.

3. Not Creating an XML sitemap

The next SEO mistake is not creating an XML sitemap of website. This XML sitemap contains a list of URLs for your site that tells a search engine robots to crawl your new and updated post/page URLs. With the help of these XML files, webmaster tools can make it easier for search engines to navigate the site more easily and efficiently. 

But there are many WordPress users who don’t care about the importance of XML sitemaps, which can cause search engines to ignore pages from your site and take it longer period of time for search engines to crawl your website. And naturally it will make the visibility of your site very much reduced. As your web page doesn’t get indexed by all search engines.

SEO Benefits of XML Sitemaps

  • Creates a list of URLS from your website including pages, posts, categories
  • Provides priority for search engines to crawl website
  • Gives traffic, keyword analytics data in Google Search Console
  • Helps to increase search searching engine ranking position (SERP)

For users of SEO plugins such as All In One SEO or SEO Yoast, both plugins have their own XML sitemap generator which makes it easier for you to create a sitemap for a WordPress website. You only need to activate and create a sitemap file with just one click. Which you can then submit to several webmaster tools such as Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools bing.

4. Not Creating Categories and Tags Correctly

If you want to keep users engaged and increase traffic to your site, you can use categories and tags. Using the right categories and tags on blogs and articles will encourage readers to browse through the entire content of the website. 

Having web posts without tags and categories can result in losing your rankings with search engines, in WordPress it’s so easy to create Tags and Categories, so you should take advantage of this feature.

5. Linking to Irrelevant External Websites

External links are just as important as internal links and must be relevant, and keep your site in context. Search Engines will look at the links you have to other sites and compare thematic content to ensure that there are links. 

Therefore it is important to check the external link that you will insert before the article is published, this is because the outgoing link must be appropriate or relevant to the content of the article or topic you are discussing.

6. Low or Bad Quality Backlinks

Getting high quality backlinks is very important to increase the Domain and Page Authority of website. Because the quality of the backlinks on your site is used by search engines to measure how popular your site is in the eyes of search engines. 

However, there are some bloggers using methods such as buying backlinks from backlink farms or sites that have been prepared with the aim of selling links. These backlinks are mostly of poor quality and will give the same impression of your site to search engines. 

On the other hand, some other backlinks from authoritative sites are important and worthy of your site, and the thing that needs to be considered is to see how much DA and PA value of these sites before placing backlinks.

7. Not updating WordPress & Plugins

WordPress and Plugins available here are updated frequently at certain times and you should also update for new versions, as you can benefit from features such as security enhancements, speed improvements and various other improvements. 

Most of the WordPress users still don’t update their site and plugins and thus the site will be at very risk of becoming vulnerable or stuck with a website that is not running and functioning optimally. Updating WordPress and plugins is very easy, so you have to do it every time WordPress provides an update notification on your Dashboard.

And don’t forget to always do a site backup before making major updates to your WordPress site. This can keep your site safe in case of an error during an update process which might cause your WordPress site to crash and not functioning properly.

8. Not Installing WordPress SEO Plugins

This is a common mistake made by many WordPress users. There are several SEO plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast and the All in One SEO plugin, which have tremendous advantages for optimizing the SEO of your site. 

Each of these plugins can help optimize your site’s SEO in different ways, and thus you should choose one wisely based on your needs.

9. Not Optimizing On Page SEO

If you don’t organize your pages or post your articles with certain keywords so that the articles can be found by searchers, then that could be a big mistake. 

According to many, it is one of the main factors to improve your site or article in the competition in search engine results. If you make a mistake here, it’s likely that all of your work will feel wasted, as your article won’t find a good place in the search results.

10. Keyword filling

The last SEO mistake is ignoring keywords. The importance of keywords for search engine optimization you must really understand. But you also need to understand that the keyword stuffing must be precise and not put the keywords excessively which can result in your site being penalized by search engines. 

I recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin, because Yoast has a feature to determine the minimum and maximum number of keywords that can be entered in the article and the right SEO indicators to create articles that match the criteria preferred by search engines like Google.

If you want to rank for a certain category of keywords then you can create a separate page for that and then optimize it. You can also avoid duplicating keywords and have pages built with them as part of the reverse content. You will benefit from it having high quality and relevant content on your website, which will result in a fairly good ranking for your website.


The above points are some of the common WordPress SEO mistakes you can easily avoid and ensure that you are getting the most out of WordPress for your website. Hope, this article will be fruitful if you are beginner in WordPress.


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