5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Bloggers

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Bloggers

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins – WordPress is the best recognized CMS and blogging platform including the complete number of WordPress SEO plugins that are provided for free, and are admittedly easier to optimize your WordPress blog look beautiful and more user and SEO friendly.

Plugins are one of the important basic elements in WordPress, which have a lot of uses. In this article, I will discuss the WordPress SEO plugin which I think you should try to make your WordPress blog more SEO friendly and drive enormous traffic to your site.

Best Search Engine Optimization Plugins in WordPress

Of course here you have to use plugins wisely because the use of plugins affects the loading of the hosting we use. (Note: plugins can only be used for self-hosted WordPress, not free wordpress.com/blog blogs).

Well, there are lots of free and premium wordpress SEO plugins available in cyberspace.

Below are only 5 that I have written so that it is easier for you to sort out which one is better and suitable for you to use.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Plugins for WordPress

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is the best plugins that is recognized and used today. The completeness of the menu for setting your blog’s SEO needs is the main reason.

In addition, the settings are easy to do and can be quickly understood. Through this plugin you will easily integrate Google Webmaster , Google+ , XML Sitemap for your blog, Permalinks, and so on.

Almost all SEO needs both on page and off page can be done with this one wordpress SEO plugin.

In every post that you want to publish, this plugin will always appear to be a place to place keywords, titles, descriptions, and measure the SEO level of these posts when they are published.

This plugin can be a reference for you to write more SEO because it will measure the level of keyword usage, which you can see in the Page Analysis tab just below your blog writing column after you install and activate this plugin.

All in SEO Pack

Apart from SEO WordPress by Yoast, this plugin is also the best wordpress SEO plugin that has also received recognition by the users.

Just like the previous plugins, this plugin also provides complete menus and easy settings. I myself use the wordpress SEO plugin by Yoast and the All in SEO Pack at once.

SEO Friendly Images

If the two previous wordpress SEO plugins focus more on the use of keywords and SEO in articles, this one is to optimize the use of images in our writing.

Whether you realize it or not, people out there are also looking for images through Google Images (Google’s image search engine), so there is a chance image searchers with search engines will point to your wordpress blog by clicking on an image that turns out to be from your blog.

Just like articles, the images we use are also very important to improve SEO levels.

This will greatly help the SEO level of your blog to get higher and have a greater chance of getting into the first page of Google search.

W3 Total Cache

This one functions to eradicate all the caches on your blog. The point is to speed up loading of your blog so that the Google robot can quickly check the content of your blog and put it first in search engines.

This plugin also affects the CPU usage savings that you use, so that the CPU usage limits provided by your hosting can be saved.

In addition, the blog loading speed also affects whether or not your blog visitors feel at home to unload quality writings on your blog.

SEO Search Terms Tagging 2

This WordPress SEO plugin is useful for adding internal links related to the keywords we use in one article with another.

In addition, this plugin will add new tags that are relevant to other articles with the same keywords. In addition, this plugin will help you find keywords that are most used by search engine users.

Those are the 5 best WordPress SEO plugins that you can try. Please try as of your needs.


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