5 Reasons and How to Create a Wallpaper Blog and Getting Started

5 Reasons and How to Create a Wallpaper Blog and Getting Started

Don’t give up on blogging content that is just like that, now there is a wallpaper blog that is easier and fully automatic but can drive high traffic levels and large income.

Wallpaper blog is a blog that contains a collection of images, whether it contains wallpaper for gadgets, computers, etc. It can also be used as a semi wallpaper blog, which means that the blog contains pictures embedded with articles.

Dollar hunters are certainly no stranger to this type of blog because in addition to generating large income, the processing and optimization process is also classified as easier.

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Reasons Why You Should Make a Wallpaper Blog

For Adsense players, this blog will be very profitable because the level of visits and payments is large, not inferior to blogs that contain articles. Not only that, but here are the reasons why you should start a wallpaper blog.

1. Easily Get Traffic

Because it is easier to optimize, maintaining this blog is not difficult so that the blog will be easier to get visitors ( traffic ) from search engines. There is no need to use off-page SEO such as blog article content to increase its traffic, wallpaper blogs only need to fill in image content and visits will increase so that the pay you get is also large.

2. Automatic

This is what wallpaper blog owners love. It’s easy to take care of and has a large income, this blog can also take care of itself, meaning that this blog can run automatically using additional tools in the form of tools and plugins.

However, these tools are usually not distributed for free, you have to spend a little budget to get them. But don’t be afraid, the money you get will be more than the money we spent the first time to buy this tool.

3. Easy To Make

It’s very easy to create this blog, either free or paid. Can make you quickly create this wallpaper blog. Many tutorials provide how to easily create a wallpaper blog on google.

4. Big Profits

Have an adsense account but it’s hard to get paid? this is the right solution for all of you, accepted by adsense is very easy. As I have discussed how to be accepted by Adsense easily , but getting paid is arguably difficult for beginners.

But with this wallpaper blog, adsense will be smooth and pay us.

5. Very Easy Optimization

Even though it’s easy, there’s nothing wrong if we optimize this wallpaper blog using On-Page and Off-page SEO techniques so that the blog is more powerful.

Set a plan and strategy for building a wallaper blog. I guarantee that if you build it properly, the money you will get will exceed a blog containing regular article content.

Preparation To Make Wallpaper Blog

how to create a wallpaper blog

Already knowing the advantages of making a wallpaper blog, it’s time for us to start planning the blog that will be built. It’s good to know the preparation when creating a wallpaper blog.

1. Hosting

Usually the wallpaper blog will be built in the CMS WordPress or called WordPress Self Host , therefore we need to have hosting to store data and install this wordpress. Choose a quality hosting so that the blog can run well and quickly, or if you have enough budget to create a wallpaper blog, you can use a VPS (Virtual Private Server) because it is more stable and faster than shared hosting.

2. Domain

We need an address so that people can visit our blog, namely by using a domain. Choose a domain name that is related to your wallpaper blog content, and try not to match the blog name that is already used by other people. For example wallpapernasional.com or fototokohindonesia.id, thus the blog will have a good level of relevance.

3. Plugins

It’s the most important tool in creating a wallpaper blog. There are so many plugins that can be used, either free or paid plugins, if you have the skills to make plugins then this will be much more profitable.

This plugin will make your blog contain wallpaper content automatically, with this, your blog will contain wallpaper content that is more targeted according to what we are researching.

How to create a wallpaper blog in WordPress

Below is a way to create a wallpaper blog on WordPress that can run automatically using plugins.

  • Install the Gembloong plugin on the blog, then activate it using a valid license.
  • Set the image source, url and size of the image in the blog post
  • To grab images, make a campaign from the title, theme, file name and number of articles to be made.
  • Setting the article spintax for blog posts
  • Provide all relevant keywords in the campaign setup
  • Finally, click RUN and the article will be generated automatically.

How to Make a Wallpaper Blog on Blogspot?

With blogspot we can also create a wallpaper blog, it’s just that we have to create the content manually.

Create a blog with a url and name according to your purpose for creating this wallpaper blog, after that provide image content on the blog. The method is the same as you make an article on blogspot, adjust the image size in the article to make it more comfortable for visitors.

Those are the advantages and disadvantages of a wallpaper blog that you can make on CMS WordPress or for free is blogspot. It takes a little skill to build this wallpaper blog, it’s just that it will be rewarded by a large audience when the blog has developed.


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