How to Increase Blog Traffic

HOW TO INCREASE BLOG TRAFFIC? Best and Effective Tips 2020: Having a blog with lots of traffic and visitors is a dream for any blogger, with visitors who have many blogs will be a field to gain money. But to have a blog like that, of course, requires hard work and you can’t get it instantly. 

Indeed, there are instant ways to get a lot of visitors, but it certainly doesn’t last long and doesn’t work purely, you can just buy website/blog traffic but you will do that for how long?

There are many easy ways to make your blog get a lot of visitors, as I will explain in full in this article. Try some of the tips below so that your dream to have a blog with many visitors will come true.

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Tips on How to Get Many Visitors to the Blog

How to Increase Blog Traffic

Try to follow each of the tips below to get maximum results, because in blogging, patience is needed if you want to be successful and blogs get lots of visitors:

SEO optimization of the blog

This is a general way you have to do it and you will often hear or read this from various sources of other blogs, but this is indeed a powerful way to bring visitors to your blog. 

You can do your blog SEO optimization with the help of WordPress SEO plugins like All in One SEO or SEO by Yoast if you use WordPress. Both plugins can help you optimize your blog SEO easily. 

In addition, learn more about SEO, such as selecting SEO friendly URLs , creating descriptions that attract visitors and much more.

With the right SEO optimization you will be able to compete with other blogs on the first page of searches like Google, and this will make you get a lot of visitors because the biggest source of blog traffic is from search engines.

Multi-visitor blog must support AMP version

Currently, Google strongly recommends website and blog owners to support the AMP version on their website. 

With the AMP version, blogs can be accessed very quickly via mobile devices and will get better search engine ranking priorities. In addition, the convenience of visitors in reading blogs is also better. 

Submit to Search Engines

After you finish creating a blog and filling your blog with a few articles, try to immediately register your blog to search engines like Google and Bing and submit your blog sitemap.xml. 

This way your blog will be indexed by search engines and every new article you will also be indexed quickly and easily found in search engines. 

There are also many benefits that you can get if you register your blog in a search engine besides your blog and your articles are easily indexed.

Create Useful Articles

People open the internet in addition to playing on social media, of course, aiming to find important news or information they need. 

Create articles that are useful for others and are sought after. The SEO optimization that you have worked hard to build can be meaningless if it is not supported by useful and quality articles.

In making articles, try to focus on a specific niche and not a hodgepodge niche. This will enable you to write complete and detailed articles so that your blog readers will be satisfied with the information they find. 

Try to make long articles over 600 or over 800 words, because this is the number of words in the article that meet the SEO friendly criteria, because in your SEO analysis, the minimum number of words that are SEO friendly is 300 words.

Blogs with many visitors must be Quick Access

Make your website or blog have fast access, besides being able to increase your blog’s ranking in search engines, this is proven to be effective in increasing blog visitors because visitors will be happy with a fast blog and not frustrate them because they are waiting for the article they are looking for to open very long.

There are many ways to make your blog have fast access, you can use the best web hosting, perform optimization on images and use caching plugins such as WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache if you are a Self Hosted WordPress user.

Attractive Blog Design

Create your blog with an attractive design and not too many unnecessary widgets. Keep your writing easy to read and use a clear font. You can find blogs with minimalist and clean designs that highlight content, blog designs of this type are very widely used by professional bloggers. 

To make your search easier and save your time, we recommend that you use a premium theme that clearly has full features and is SEO friendly like Revenue Plus, you can buy this theme for only 69,000, there are also other equally good options that you can buy. check the link below.

With an attractive blog design it will also bring lots of visitors to your blog, because visitors feel comfortable when reading your writing and they might come back to read each of your articles. Because it will be useless if your writing is useful but because your blog has a bad design they will leave your blog and look for information on other blogs. 

And don’t forget to use a mobile friendly responsive blog design, this will help many blog visitors because currently many users access the site via smartphones.

Create a Related Post

Related Post or linking articles with other articles will make visitors linger on your blog to read your other articles. In addition, it will also make navigation of your blog easy for visitors, this will also help your other articles become popular and make it easy for visitors to find other information that may be useful for them.

Related posts have also proven effective in helping new articles to compete with old articles in search engine search results. So always link your old articles that are relevant to the new articles that you make.

Share to Social Media

You can also use social media as the biggest source of website and blog traffic apart from search engines. This is the way bloggers often use to bring in visitors for new blogs. You can share or share your articles on various social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

Add a social share feature on your blog to make it easier for you and your visitors to share articles on social media, this will make your articles and blog easily famous and blogs of many visitors from social media.

Submit to social bookmark

You can find a lot of social bookmarking that you can use to submit your blog, this will help your blog easily compete in search results. This method is also free for you to do and proven to be able to increase blog rankings. In this way your blog will automatically get useful backlinks for your blog and articles.

Many blog visitors – Submit to Forums

You can also use forums as a source of blog traffic. There are many forums that you can use as a place to introduce your blog, but try to make a useful threat to forum users if your blog wants to be visited and don’t spam in these forums, make it as natural as possible.

Add Video Related to Content

If your article allows you to add videos then make a video and upload it to YouTube and include the name of your blog, this will also make your blog famous and widely visited. 

For example, your blog is about tutorials, then you can make articles accompanied by videos to make it easier for visitors to understand tutorials more easily. If your blog has a lot of visitors and your videos are watched a lot, this can also be a new field to make more money.

BlogWalking/Blog Commenting

So that your blog is immediately known and many visitors, you must also be diligent in doing blogwalking or commenting on other blogs. This method is the method most often used by other bloggers to introduce their blogs. 

Try to do blogwalking on blogs that have the same niche as your blog and provide comments that are in accordance with the discussion of the article, don’t spam because the blog owner may not approve your comments.

Become a Guest Blogger

Guest bloggers or guest blogs are mostly done by professional foreign bloggers to bring in visitors, you can do this by writing relevant useful articles on other blogs and leaving your name and blog address in return for your writing. 

If there are visitors who read the article and see your blog address, they may also visit your blog. It also automatically provides free backlinks to your blog.

Many blog visitors have Quality Backlinks

To compete on the first page of search engines, you must also provide quality backlinks to your blog or website. Backlinks are still proven effective as a visitor booster, domain authority booster and make your articles perched on the first page of Google. You can get backlinks for free or buy quality backlinks.

You can get a choice of free but quality backlinks from various sources and the following article discusses free but quality backlink sources → 15 High Quality Backlink Sources for SEO. And if you choose to buy backlinks, then I recommend buying backlinks on Fiverr.

Although there are many backlink sellers that are of poor quality, you can also buy backlinks that are cheap but high quality if you can find a logical service. For example: buy backlinks for $ 5 and get around 50 to 200 backlinks instead of thousands of backlinks which of course are of poor quality.

You can register on Fiverr to purchase Gig services for backlinks to your site. Register Fiverr.

And here are great backlink recommendations from Fiverr that are affordable and will have a positive impact on your blog.

Above are some powerful tips so that blogs get lots of traffic and visitors , indeed to make a blog successful and lots of visitors also requires hard effort, try to do all the tips above patiently so that your blog is busy and your blog is able to become a money-making business.

Blogging activity is tiring but if you want to learn and focus this will make a career with big income. Hopefully this article is useful and good luck.


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