Easy and Simple Guide for Google Adsense Approval

Easy and Simple Guide for Google Adsense Approval

Easy and Simple Guide for Google Adsense Approval: How to Approve Google AdSense Easily? This February, I tried to submit the coachbloggers.com blog to Google Adsense so that the blog can serve ads, this is another way to get more income for me. So from that I will share a simple way to make the blog approved by Google Adsense, it will be a little difficult if you don’t have quality and quantity but have read this article.

Before reading further, make sure the blog you have is of sufficient quality and quantity so that its implementation becomes easier.

Google has its own strict terms and conditions so that the process of approving a blog to become an Adsense ad publisher is a little difficult and complicated. Pay attention to each of the rules set by Google Adsense, know the terms and conditions of Google Adsense .

There are so many conditions that must be met by a blog in order to be approved , I make it simpler and simpler to make it easier to understand and apply it.

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Simple Guide to Approve Google Adsense for Blogs

Easy and Simple Guide for Google Adsense Approval

It is not enough to read but try to pay attention to every important point then see what blogs already have and meet what points have not, if not then do what is less than that point .

1. Content

The main requirement of Adsense is the content of the article content on the blog. This is mandatory in order to be approved, don’t make content carelessly because it will make reviewing more difficult, especially to make blog articles that violate Google Adsense policies, of course, will be rejected directly.

Make quality content and it’s not the same as other blogs, simply put:

  • Create articles of at least 600 words
  • Article title is more than 5 words
  • Embed pictures and videos
  • Provide incoming and outgoing links
  • Has no words that Adsense forbids.

For WordPress users, you can install plugins that can be additional support when writing and creating blog articles, for example Yoast SEO, All In One SEO and what I use is Rank Math.

2. Templates

Apart from pleasing visitors with a fresh look, the blog theme must also be made in accordance with a good SEO structure so that it can boost the quality of the blog which Google Adsense certainly likes.

Choose a simple but complete appearance, simply:

  • Responsive
  • User-Friendly
  • Natural Color
  • Have good navigation
  • Light

I suggest that blogspot users can register for Adsense using the Viomagz template from Sugeng and wordpress users can register using the Revenue Pro or Superfast theme.

3. Pages

Blogs are required to have at least 1 page that is intended for more complete content, by default the WordPress page created is the Privacy Police because the system already knows that the page is important.

The importance of these pages makes publishers have to create many pages, simply:

  • About Us
  • contact us
  • Privacy Police
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms of Service

5 important pages when registering for Google Adsense can be made on a blog so that when registering later, the process is easier and faster.

4. Articles

If you are lazy to make an article, I say DO NOT REGISTER GOOGLE ADSENSE because whatever will happen to the blog will certainly make the audience not come, lots of bloggers have been approved by Adsense but don’t get good results. How come? because they only make the blog fulfilling and after being approved the Adsense blog is not given enough content.

Remember that visitors are reading blog articles. If there are no articles, what will the visitors read later.

Quality articles are articles that have a quantity, simply put:

  • At least 600 words
  • Have outbound links
  • Has Internal Link
  • Embed media (must provide alt tag and title tag)

Easy, because what is written is one’s own knowledge. I wrote an article on this blog because I wanted to share, can I tell which blogger and publisher.

5. Visits or Traffic

If you still have a blog visit rate below 100 then that doesn’t mean the blog is bad and not quality, it’s just that you lack enthusiasm for content creation and optimization.

Increase blog visitors at least more than 100 when registering for Adsense, simply put:

  • Title Optimization
  • Additional Widget (Popular / Latest Post)
  • Links between article 1 and other articles
  • Interesting writing
  • Unique blog appearance

Believe it or not, but many blogs that are approved by Google Adsense have an average visit rate of 1000 and some are even approved when they touch the number 5000, not necessarily how certain but do not need to bother. In essence, the more, the better.

Blog Criteria For Google Adsense List

Having a blog that displays ads is the dream and goal of some bloggers, they will optimize and create a blog to be approved by Google. Google is also the same as women who have criteria when choosing which ones to approve and which ones to reject.

1. Topic

In 2020, Google prefers blogs that have one topic, meaning that the discussion on these blogs is focused and does not have mixed articles or is called a hodgepodge.

On this blog I make a discussion about Blogging and SEO only. In addition, visitors can more easily understand the guidelines, this will make the advertisements that appear more closely match the content of the article content.

2. Identity

When registering, make sure you are of legal age, which is 18 years or more. Because when you request a pin on Google Adsense, you have to send your original identity in the form of an ID card, driver’s license or passport.

3. Widget

Don’t use too many unnecessary widgets, Google doesn’t like widgets like Alexa, Hitstat and blog prices.

4. Promotion

If what is registered is a blog reviewing a product, then you can first remove the sponsored banner and ad impressions, I just temporarily removed the Dewaweb banner that was posted on the blog’s spread when registering for Google Adsense because it will focus on that we have provided a slot for later broadcast ads.

5. Links

Make sure the blog does not have dead links, try to check whether the blog has broken links or not. Use the Brokenlink Checker tool to check it.


As time goes by, the Google Adsense registration process will always change. Always read forums and groups that discuss Adsense so you don’t miss the latest information, and if the blog is ready to serve ads, the next step is to register the blog on Google Adsense.

Understand Google’s algorithm and Google’s current policies, so that the blog will remain successful and always ready to give us income. If you have succeeded in getting enough income or can be called more, don’t forget to give alms and share with those in need.

Final words from me, stay enthusiastic in creating content and don’t be too busy changing the appearance of the blog to make the time spent creating content in vain. Remember that blog optimization and blog content are of the utmost importance.


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